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My Top Tips to Beat Procrastination and get Consistent with Exercise and Nutrition

Do you struggle to stay consistent when it comes to exercise and nutrition?

I hear this all the time with my clients but there are some simple ways you can beat procrastination and get consistent so that you can hit your health and fitness goals.

In this blog, I share my top tips in staying consistent in both your diet (aka what you eat) and your exercise. 

But before we get onto that there are a couple of hugely important factors to bear in mind.

First off – stop and think what your goal is and, more importantly WHY you want to hit that goal. Have a think about what your future self looks like, how she thinks, how she feels, how she looks. And then have a think about how this future version of you would act in order to be consistent; what decisions would she make?

Secondly, be aware of the stories you are telling yourself. What negative self-talk is going on in your head? How is that preventing you staying consistent? And how could you change that self-talk so that you can change the outcome?

Before we go on, stop reading and take some time to reflect on this mindset stuff as it really is huge when trying to hit any sort of goal. Grab a pen and paper and jot your thoughts down in answer to the questions above.

Right, now we have that stuff sussed out, we can get into the nitty gritty of my top tips to beat the procrastination and make it as easy as possible to start being consistent.


Tip 1 Take time to plan your meals

This will create the following benefits:

  • You will save time – yes it takes a few minutes to create the plan but it saves allll that time stood staring into the fridge wondering what to cook
  • It reduces stress. By taking time to plan it prevents decision fatigue getting in the way of you sussing out what to cook. We already have so many decisions we make each and every day and often by the time it gets to dinner time we just don’t have the brain capacity or energy to make another decision
  • It saves food waste – you only buy what you need for the meals you are going to cook
  • And because you only buy what you need it saves you money too!
Tip 2 Batch cook or meal prep

Taking some time on a day when you aren’t super busy to cook some meals ahead of time, or to prep bits ready for future meals, makes the coming (busier) days so much easier. The food is already cooked and ready to go – your very own ready meals!

Tip 3 Cook more than you need

I don’t know about you but leftovers for lunch are my absolutely favourite – quick and easy nutrition is what I’m all about. So, I intentionally always cook more than we need. Take tonight for example, we’re having chilli con carne so I’ll cook double the amount and we’ll have it with rice tonight and then as tacos either tomorrow or the day after. Two meals for the time it takes to cook one – winner!

Tip 4 Ready meals CAN be healthy

Ready meals often get a bad press but some of them are actually really good. I personal favourites (even though I’m not vegan) are Wicked Kitchen and Bol – packed full of veg, healthy proteins and slow release carbs they are a fantastic meal option when you’re super busy.

Tip 5 Your slow cooker is your friend

Make use of the higher energy levels you typically have earlier on in the day and get the slow cooker on. You can make it even easier for yourself by using frozen pre cut veg (and they’ll be packed with all the nutrition too!) – my personal favourites for slow cooker meals are frozen sliced mushrooms, frozen diced onion and frozen sliced peppers.


You can find my top tips on being consistent with exercise over in this blog.

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