Terms and Conditions 1:1 coaching

Terms and Conditions

  1. No coaching sessions will take place until payment has been received
  2. If paying by instalments all future coaching calls with stop with immediate effect if payments are not received as per your payment plan.
  3. Within 1 week of payment being received, we will have an initial consultation call of around 1hr 15 minutes to dig deep into your relationship with food, your current eating habits, your lifestyle etc. During this call we will put some initial strategies in place to get you started on working towards your weight loss goal
  4. We will have 9 subsequent 45-minute coaching calls (as per the schedule below), at a pre-arranged time.
    • If you are late for a call, then the time for that call will be reduced accordingly
    • No refund will be given for calls lasting less than 45 minutes, but if appropriate (and if needed) that time can be added to a future call
    • Schedule for calls: 6 x weekly calls (weeks 1-6 – this includes the initial consultation call), 3 x fortnightly calls (weeks 8-12) and 1 final call 16 weeks after our start date
  5. Schedule of calls: weekly for the first 6 weeks, fortnightly for the next 6 weeks and one final call 4 weeks later
  6. If I am unable to make a call, I will notify you as soon as possible and endeavour to give you at least 24 hours’ notice, unless there are extenuating, exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. Any calls I am unable to make will be re-scheduled for a mutually convenient time
  7. If you wish to have extra coaching calls at any stage this can be arranged (diaries permitting) but there will be an extra charge for this
  8. If you need to cancel or postpone a coaching call, please provide at least 24 hours’ notice. Where at least 24 hours’ notice is provided we will re-schedule that call for a mutually convenient time. If the notice provided is less than 24 hours that call will be forfeited, no replacement call with be scheduled and no refund will be given
  9. I will provide you with documents and materials to help you track your food, mood, sleep etc. I commit to only providing you with those documents and materials that are useful for you, and your specific goals and needs. I also commit to producing new documents and materials specifically for you, if we both feel that this will help you to hit your goals
    • Any documents and materials provided to you for this purpose are for your use only and should not be shared with others – FiTTRVie retain ownership the intellectual property rights associated with those documents and materials
  10. My commitment to you: I commit to be fully present whilst on our calls. I commit to be available for you during the time we are working together, for you to ask questions and seek guidance whenever you need to outside of our scheduled calls. I commit to helping you to hit your weight loss goals and helping you to design a way of eating that supports you and your goals long after you leave our time together
  11. You will be able to contact me outside of our scheduled call times via these routes:
    • Email (Monday-Friday 9-5 only; I do not check my emails at the weekend or after 5pm so if you need me during this time please use the method detailed below) sue@fittrpersonaltraining.co.uk
    • Via the Voxer app – my username is srichards1974
  12. Your commitment to me (and yourself): for you to get the most from our calls and our time together I expect you to take action and implement the strategies and learnings that we go through on our calls together; if you are struggling to implement those changes then this is something for us to talk about on our weekly calls and potentially come up with other strategies that may work better for you
    • All decisions and actions taken are entirely yours; I will support you in this but ultimately you will need to take action to achieve your desired outcome(s)
  13. You are responsible for your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing before, during and after the provision of this coaching program. If at any time you feel unwilling or unable to continue with the program, due to a risk to your physical, mental or emotional health, you agree to advise us immediately and seek appropriate professional assistance
  14. By signing up to this coaching program, you are signing up to being committed to the program for the time we are working together
  15. Confidentiality: everything we discuss on our calls and during our time together will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties. If I ask you for feedback or testimonials to be used for external marketing, I will always clarify with you whether I can use your name (first name only) in that marketing