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Your Most Important Business Investment

Your business starts and ends with you

I’ll repeat that again to let it sink in…your business starts and ends with YOU.

If you are not investing in your health and wellbeing then you are not investing in your business! 

It really is that simple! Not easy, I know, but definitely simple.

Invest in you and you’re investing in your business

Your most important business investment is you!

I’m not saying don’t invest in business, sales and marketing or finance coaching – cos these are all important too. But they aren’t much good to you if you feel rubbish and don’t have the energy to implement what you’ve learned.

So far in my own business I’ve hired business coaches (Gemma Gilbert and Cat Burchmore), a social media and marketing coach (Sam Kirk), and a copywriting coach (Beth Thompson). I’ve also hired a VA (Laura Millett) so that I can really focus on what I do best – helping ambitious self-employed mums go from frazzled to fired up! 

I’ve read heaps of personal development books and tuned into hours of trainings.

But my biggest investment will always be ME! My health – both mental and physical.

I know when I’m not looking after myself that I’m not showing up for my business or my clients as the best version of me. My brain doesn’t fire on all cylinders and my focus is all over the place. And it’s bl**dy hard to market yourself when you’re feeling sh*t!

You have to look after your health if you want your business to be a roaring success.

Your Business Cannot Survive without You!

You can survive without your business but your business cannot survive without you…you might want to read that again.

You are the beating heart of your business. When you find a way to take that ambition, that fire in your belly for your biz and apply it to your whole self… that’s when magic happens…that’s when that epic business you’ve been dreaming of starts to appear in front of your very eyes.

Let’s face it, putting ‘look-after-self’ to the bottom of your priority list time and time again…it’s just not helping you get to where you wanna be.

So, yes, invest in your biz but invest in your health too! You only have the one body and a burnt out body ain’t any good to anyone…you, your family OR your business!

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