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Why I love getting out in nature

If you know anything about me or you’ve been following me for a while you’ll probably know that I love my daily dog walks…not so much for the physical exercise but for the mental health benefits that these walks bring.

My daily walks give me time to calm my mind, to stop the busy-ness of life, to reflect and think…and to admire the beauty that is all around us (even if you live in a city there is still a whole heap of beauty around you to appreciate and admire).

If I’m feeling a bit out of sorts I know a good walk will always sort me out…a walk on my own to clear whatever is holding me back and making me feel off kilter.

These walks also allow for mini mindful moments – moments like looking up at the sky, admiring a view or spotting a pretty flower in the hedgerows…moments to appreciate all that is good in my life and the world around me (something that feels even more important whilst we live through a global pandemic!)

I do all of my thinking on these walks – most of my social media content is created in my head whilst I walk. I take my phone with me but only to track my steps and to enable me to jot down any ideas that come to me whilst I’m out and about. 

Historically I used to like to put headphones in and listen to an audiobook or a podcast but in recent times I’ve found it far more beneficial to walk in silence…that’s when the ideas come…not just for social posts but also ideas around what packages and programmes I want to offer to my clients.

And there’s some science to this – when we allow our conscious brain (the active thinking and doing brain) the opportunity to switch off our subconscious brain gets a chance to do its thing. The subconscious brain is all about habits and patterns but it’s also the part of the brain that does all the creative thinking. The subconscious brain is far more powerful than the conscious brain but so often it doesn’t get the chance to shine because we are so busy DO-ing and we don’t take the time to just BE…to slow down, to forget the to-do list for a while and allow the brain to wander.

That’s what walking in silence does for me…it allows my brain to wander…and when it’s allowed to wander it’s allowed to think beyond what’s on that to-do list and to start creating those ideas I mention above.

It feels almost magical – and yet it’s so simple!

It is because of all these benefits – plus the fact that walking is accessible to the vast majority of my clients – that I encourage my clients to do the same…to get out walking on a daily basis. 

Personally I find those creative ideas start flowing after about 20 minutes but even just 10 minutes of fresh air and movement can have a powerful impact on your energy levels and your mood – not to mention your focus and productivity once you’re back at your desk!

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