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The sexiest thing a woman can wear

One of the unexpected benefits I found when I started really focusing on my health and fitness was a self-confidence I don’t think I’d ever had (and yes that is a glass of wine in my hand – it’s all about balance in my world)

And I see this in my clients too. Often these clients come to me with the goal of losing weight. And, whilst we work towards that goal, the biggest change I see in those clients (and they see in themselves) is increased confidence. The weight loss almost becomes an after-thought once they find that confidence in themselves!

I have found that weight training is one area that has the biggest impact on this self-confidence. It also has these other amazing benefits too:

It creates new neural connections in the brain These connections increase your cognitive abilities and improve your memory

It increases your bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone breakages

It stabilises your joints

It improves your mobility and functional movement

You don’t need to be lifting heavy weights to get these benefits – body-weight exercises can be very effective too. But I always recommend my clients incorporate some form of weight/resistance training in their fitness routine because it is absolutely crucial to living a long, healthy and strong life (in mind as well as body!)

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