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The number one question I get asked…

The number one question I get asked is “how do you stay motivated?”
The answer?
I don’t!

Don’t get me wrong, I was motivated when I started on my health and fitness journey 7 or so years ago. My motivation was to lose weight!

But I soon realised how good the right nutrition and regular exercise made me feel!

I began to notice how much more energy I had
How much calmer I was around my children (then 10, 8 and 2)
How much better I could cope when things didn’t quite go according to plan (as they often do as a working mum with 3 kids!)

So it soon became a habit, part of my routine!

Regular exercise GIVES me energy, it fires me up for the day, and it helps me to feel mentally strong

So why would I not want to incorporate some form of exercise into my day?

It was on the back of this realisation that I re-trained as a personal trainer and nutritionist.
So that I could help other frazzled mums feel amazing too!

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