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The best business decision I made…

My best business decision was getting a dog!

Yep you read that right – getting a dog has been transformational for me and my business.

Why? Because it forces me to get outside and walk every single day, regardless of the weather.

And when I go out walking it gives my brain time to slow down and process all the stuff that I have to juggle as a self-employed mum.

It gives my subconscious brain the opportunity to take over and do the thinking.

It allows me to daydream.

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Slowing Down = Thinking Time

All of that slowing down, thinking and daydreaming time has resulted in some inspired ideas. My marketing has improved. I feel clearer in the direction I am taking my business. I am more motivated, focused and productive. And I am finding a better balance to my day as a result.

So often I speak with clients who use their walks to listen to podcasts or audiobooks – and to be honest I used to do the same – but what I’ve realised recently is that by walking in silence and just allowing my subconscious brain to get into a state of flow ideas come, strategy strikes and business decisions suddenly feel easy.

These daily walks have become a crucial part of my working day – they are the thinking time that we so often don’t give our brains time for when we are busy rushing from one task to the next. 

This is me encouraging you to switch off your phone, turn off that podcast, and just walk (you don’t need a dog!)…open your eyes and your eyes and really tune into what is around you…and see how much difference it makes to your own thoughts, inspiration and energy levels.

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