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October was a big month…

October was a big month for me and my business

I made a HUGE and very difficult decision

I announced that I will be closing the doors to my online health and fitness membership at the end of this month

Whilst I still strongly believe that eating well and moving well are fundamental for you to show up for your business and personal life with POWER, PASSION and ENERGY over the past few months I have started to realise that what I really offer my clients is sooooo much more than just workouts and healthy eating guidance…

and I’ve also sussed out what really lights me up 💡

I bl**dy love working one-to-one or in small groups so that I can connect more deeply with my clients. They get a personalised and powerful experience and an even more radical transformation and I feel truly aligned to my personal magic.

My passion is supporting self-employed mums find more balance in their life and steer clear of burnout by putting their health and their own needs back at the top of the priority list.

I love showing my clients that the smallest and simplest of tweaks to their current lifestyle and schedule can have a HUGE impact…

and that they don’t need to sacrifice quality time with their kids, their partners and their friends to still make time for themselves.

So, yeah I’ll still be showing up with food pics and post-workout selfies (because eating and moving well still matter) BUT you’ll also be seeing me talking a lot more about finding balance and sussing out ways to live YOUR best life and prioritising YOURSELF and YOUR HEALTH whilst building a thriving business

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