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My mental health toolkit

My toolkit contains quite a few items – and I keep adding to it as I find new things that support my mental health! But having a nice big toolkit means that I have plenty of options to dip into, and I can select what feels like the right “tool” on a particular day or in a particular moment

Some of these items get selected more often than others – and some are a massive part of my daily habits and routines.

So here it is – my mental health toolkit:

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Prioritising Sleep

Possibly one of the most underrated but most important things you can do for your mental health. I aim for at least 8-9 hours a night because I know that’s what I need to keep me feeling on top of things. And I love nothing more than climbing into bed nice and early with a good book or a sleep meditation (often courtesy of the Calm app).

Daily Walks

Not only are these walks great for my physical health but when I walk on my own, and without distraction, they give me thinking time…which helps my mental health and my mood (and I often get my most inspired business on my walks).

Eating Well

Feeding my body with good stuff means I’m feeding my brain with good stuff too…there literally is a direct link from gut to brain…plus most of your happy hormones are made in your gut (happy gut = happy you).

Singing and Dancing

These offer joyful moments that take my brain away from the day to day and loooong to-do list. Dancing and singing makes me smile…and it costs nothing!


Getting stuff out of my head and onto paper helps me to calm my whirring brain and see more clearly. I’ve made some huge decisions by writing my thoughts down and just allowing the pen to flow across the page.

Lifting Weights

It may sound weird but I find this quite meditative…all I’m thinking about when I’m lifting weights is my technique and the rep count…it means my brain can’t linger on whatever has been bothering me! Plus it’s scientifically proven that weight lifting improves brain function! How bloody amazing is that?!


Sitting quietly for just a few minutes, allowing the brain to just slow right down is a wonderful way to start the day.

Having a bath

This is a recent addition to my mental health toolkit. I’ve enjoyed a couple of Saturday afternoon baths the past few weeks and I love how relaxed I feel whilst laying there.


It’s so true what they say…a problem shared is a problem halved! When entrepreneur life feels hard I reach out to of my amazing biz friends. And when my personal life feels tough I have some gorgeous friends (as well as my wonderful family) who I turn to.

Healing Therapy – Angel, Crystals and Reiki

Another fairly recent addition to my toolkit but a bl**dy powerful one! As someone who poo-poo’ed these more alternative therapies in the past this is now one of my “go-to” healing therapies when I’m having a wobble.

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