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It’s not selfish!

This is the face of a mum who has found herself again! A mum has become more self-aware and more self-confident than I think she’s ever been!

Why? Or rather how?

She’s learned to love herself and show her body the respect and love it needs. She’s learned to prioritise herself above everyone else. She’s learned that looking after herself first is not selfish…it’s actually necessary!

She’s learned that to be able to be a great mum, a loving wife, a fun friend she needs to focus on herself first!

She needs to move her body daily, she needs to fuel her body with nutritious foods, and she needs to work on her mindset every day

She’s also learned that she gets a massive kick out of helping others work this out too!

Having time for you is not selfish

Working on your own health and wellness is not selfish

Setting an example to your kids is not selfish

Stop focusing on everyone else and focus on YOU! You are your priority! If you’re not your best you, you can’t offer your best to everyone else!

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