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I can’t lose weight!

“I can’t lose weight!”

“I’m only eating 2 meals a day and the weight is still not shifting”

“I’ve cut out carbs but I’m still not losing weight”

“I’m only eating 800 calories per day but my weight loss has stalled”

For many, the reason they are not losing weight is because they aren’t eating enough! And here’s why…

👎 When you reduce the calories you are consuming your body adapts to that change. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) will drop! What does that mean? It means you will burn fewer calories at rest – which in turn means you burn fewer calories during a given 24 hour period

💪 When you cut your calories drastically your body will use the protein stores in your muscles for energy. Muscles are calorie hungry (i.e. they need lots of calories to work) so if you have less muscle you will also see a drop in your BMR…and you will burn fewer calories per day

😴 When you don’t eat enough calories your energy levels drop, your activity levels drop and the calories you burn in a given day will….drop!

So, what can we do instead? What can we do to lose weight (well, fat!) but still maintain our muscle and daily calorie expenditure?

Here are my 3 top tips:
🥣 Eat in a SMALL calorie deficit (I recommend around 20% for most of my clients)
🍰 Take the occasional diet break (this kick-starts your metabolism again and increases your BMR)
🍗 Eat a high protein diet to help maintain muscle mass

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