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Do they really work?

Home workouts get a bad rep from some in the fitness world but for me and the ladies in the FITTRVie members club they offer a whole host of amazing benefits:


Home workouts can be done whenever and wherever it suits you. No need to be at the gym at a certain time. No need to pre-book. No concerns about missing your class because you arrive late (and miss the all-important warm-up) or because the class is already full.

Whether you want to do your workout at 5am, 9.30am or 10pm it is entirely up to you – you are not reliant on gym opening times or class times!

And as a busy mum you don’t need to worry about whether Dad will be home in time for you to get to your class. You don’t need to worry if you end up working late yourself. You can still get a sweat on and feel amazing! No frustrations that you’ve missed out!

What’s more, you can take the workouts with you wherever you go. So, if you are travelling with work, or heading off on a family holiday you can still continue to work on your health and fitness!


With zero travel time and zero waiting time (standing in the queue outside the studio) you can get your workout done in super quick time and get on with the rest of your day.

Pick a workout length that suits you so you know that you can squeeze it into even the smallest pockets of time you have available. Whether you move your body for 10 minutes or 45 minutes you are moving your body and progressing towards your goals

Cost effective

No weighty (excuse the pun!) monthly gym membership fees or sign up fees. No travel costs. No childcare costs.

Home workouts are a budget-friendly way to get fitter, stronger and leaner, and feel amazing! It’s like having your own personal trainer in your living room but without the outlay!

Plus, you won’t be tempted to spend money on coffee and a cake at the gym café after class. More money saved, and better for the waistline too!

No fear of judgement

For many the idea of being the new girl in class or the new member of the gym can be extremely daunting. Home workouts completely eradicate that fear and allow you to start working on your health and fitness on your terms.

No embarrassing choreography issues, no concerns about whether you can keep up or whether you can follow the moves…just press play (and pause if you need to) and get moving.

You can go for it in the knowledge absolutely no-one is judging you!

Setting an example

When you do home workouts your children will watch you. They will learn that regular exercise is a habit that we should all be forming. They will see how important it is for us all to stay fit and healthy – and how easy it can be! 

And, if you’re lucky, they might even join in with you!

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