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Cut the Carbs…

Cut the carbs and somehow you will magically lose weight

This message seems to be really prevalent at the moment.

Well, here’s the thing. Yes, you will lose weight…water weight!

For every gram of glycogen (from carbs) you consume your body will hold onto 3-4 grams of water (it’s simple chemistry). 

So, yes, if you cut the carbs you will lose weight…but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost fat…and ultimately it’s fat that you want to lose if you want a lean athletic body.

If you want to lose fat, the only way you will do that is by being in a calorie deficit. From a scientific perspective it doesn’t matter whether you cut carbs, or fats, or protein; you just need to consume fewer calories than you burn, and you will lose fat. Again, simple science.

And whilst cutting carbs is one option there are a number of benefits for including carbs in your diet: they provide you with energy to fuel your day; they help with the production of serotonin which lifts your mood; they can lower the risk of heart disease; and they can actually result in less weight gain.

Carbs are not the enemy! If you want to lose weight you need to look at your whole diet, not just this one macronutrient.

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