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Am I crazy?

Some people think I’m crazy for getting up at the crack of dawn!

They think I’m daft to not have an extra hour in bed

And to be honest with you I used to think the “early morning crew” were crazy too! Why would you sacrifice an extra hour in bed for meditation, setting intentions, personal development and moving your body??

It sounds like utter madness doesn’t it?

But then I tried it!

And then I understood!

That hour in the morning before the rest of the house wakes is precious. It’s MY time. It sets the tone for the rest of my day. It helps me to be a calmer, less stressy mum in the mornings. “Shouty Sue” is hardly ever seen these days ?

So many people say to me “I could never be a morning person, I like my sleep too much”. Well, let me tell you, I love my sleep too! But I also LOVE my early morning, peaceful me time. It’s more important to my health than that extra hour in bed. And before anyone shouts at me about lack of sleep, and I do still get my 7 hours of sleep a night – I just go to bed a little earlier.

If you are “shouty mum” in the morning try giving yourself a few minutes of calm, quiet time before the troops get up and see how different your mornings can be! It doesn’t have to be the full hour I choose to give myself…just 10 minutes with a cuppa could make all the difference to your day…give it a try!

If you fancy incorporating a workout into your morning routine but don’t know where to start then drop me a message and let’s chat to see if I can support you or give you some ideas

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