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A balancing act!

On the one hand I try my best to fuel my body well. Because it makes me FEEL GOOD and gives me LOADS OF ENERGY

BUT I also enjoy a drink at the weekends (swipe left), I enjoy eating out, I enjoy socialising!

Never, ever do I deprive myself because in my opinion that is where it goes wrong for so many people. A highly restrictive diet, where you can’t eat certain foods, ultimately ends up in a deprive/binge cycle (aka yo-yo dieting)

I’ve learnt over the years that I’m far better off incorporating a small daily treat into my diet. If I do this I am less likely to gorge on it at a later date

I eat pizza, I eat cake, I drink wine. But I also eat wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals. And I keep my weekly calories in check. Because, at the end of the day, if you’re looking to lose weight, maintain your weight or put on weight the science is simple. It’s a simple equation of calories in minus calories out!

This is the same principle that the juice diets, soup diets, detox diets, keto diets, slimming world, weight watchers and all the others work on. BUT they don’t tell you that! Instead they tell you what you can and can’t eat. They put you in deprivation mode. And in my opinion, they create unsustainable habits and poor relationships with food

This is why I TEACH MY CLIENTS about balance, about flexible dieting, about enjoying treats. I teach them, I don’t tell them! This creates long-term sustainable EATING HABITS that they can take with them FOREVER…so that they never have to spend a penny on diet plans ever again!

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