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5 tips to help you hit your goals

Whether those goals are in your personal life, in relation to your health and fitness, in your relationships, or in business it all boils down to ONE THING; changing your daily habits.

But it’s not always that easy so here are my top 5 tips to help!

TIP #1 Only change one thing at a time

If you try to change too many things at once you are likely to give up because you have put too much pressure on your body and your brain.

TIP #2 Change the easiest thing first

That way you are far more likely to succeed with that initial change and you will feel empowered and confident in making more changes in the future

TIP #3 Find an accountability buddy

You can support, motivate and inspire each other as you make your changes. When we share our struggles and our wins we are far more likely to keep going and succeed in hitting our goals.

TIP #4 Be patient

It takes time for change to happen, for your new habit to form so be patient and be kind to yourself if you have the odd slip up along the way

TIP #5 Do not feel guilty, or self-sabotage by giving in, when you slip-up

We ALL slip up on occasion and it’s at these points that you need to be stronger than ever (and re-read tips 1-4!). Remind yourself why you wanted to make the change, pick yourself back up and get back on track. Consistency over time is what matters most, not what you do on a particular day or in a particular week.

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