Eat Well Lose Fat Course

Eat Well Lose Fat Course

I love chocolate, I love wine, I love pizza, I love cake!

BUT I also want to lose weight, look more toned and feel fabulous!

I love FOOD, but I HATE diets!

Is this you?

There is another way.
You can eat well and lose fat…and I can show you how

The key is to understand what you’re eating and how it affects your body.

You don’t need a diet.
You need to learn how to fuel your body.

Who wants to hit the gym when you can stay home and drink wine

Eat Well, Lose Fat!

The FiTTRVie Eat Well, Lose Fat online course will teach you how to manage your weight forever. You’ll learn how to enjoy the foods you love whilst still losing weight.

Over the 12 week course you will learn everything you need to keep eating well, and losing weight, without ever having to diet again.

What’s included?

  • Weekly lessons covering 10 different topic areas
  • Flexible learning – watch the lessons when it suits you
  • Regular contact with Sue for the full 12 weeks to answer all the questions you have after each lesson
  • Challenges (i.e. homework) for you to perform based on the current topic – acting on what you have been taught is the best way to learn!
  • Support, accountability and motivation from Sue and the FiTTRVie community
  • Midway 1-1 30 minute coaching call
  • Progress tracking
  • Free membership of the FiTTRVie members club for the duration of the course (worth £75)
  • Lifetime access to all lessons

Ditch the Diet, Forever

By the end of the 12 weeks you will have enough knowledge to self-manage your diet for long-term weight management and health. You will have learnt how to have freedom and flexibility, and to enjoy the foods you love, whilst still working towards your physique goals…

In other words, you will NEVER have to ‘diet’ again!

Check out what these EWLF graduates have to say about the course

I loved the course because it helped me to lose fat by empowering me to understand how food affects my body. No guilt, no fear simply a way of enjoying life and still losing fat. I highly recommend it. Sandra I

This course is about changing your habits for life, not a ‘diet’. My body has changed enormously. After just 10 weeks I felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini for the first time in almost 20 years – a massive confidence boost for me. Karen B

The EWLF course has not just made me look better, but more importantly feel better – like me again.  Lindsay R

After years of dieting on & off, if I’m honest I didn’t think there would be a huge amount to learn from the Eat Well, Lose Fat course, but I was so wrong! Thank you Sue for giving me the tools to understand what my body needs to lose fat & feel great while not depriving myself. Katy A

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