Welcome to FiTTRVie (aka Fired Up Females)

Find your power, passion and energy and prioritise your own health so you can boss it at work and at home…oh, and feel flippin’ fantastic too!

If you’re tired of living a sedentary, beige, sparkle-free life at the bottom of your own priority list…

If you’re done with feeling knackered, dull, frazzled and flat before you’ve even got out of bed…

If you want to find your energy, boost your power, and feel more like YOU again…

Then fab, you’re in the right place!

Hey I’m Sue.

I’m all about helping women like you to prioritise your mental and physical health so you can show up for your biz and personal life with power, passion and energy. 

I truly believe you can make a hell of a lot of real, proper change to your energy levels in a very short period of time…without spending hours of your day on specialised, expensive meal plans or chained to the treadmill at the gym. With the right support, advice and guidance, you can look and feel fantastic, and still juggle everything you need to juggle, like your kids, your relationships, your downtime and your biz. 

And that’s where I come in. To show you how to do all that.

Ways to work with me:

One-to-One coachingclick here to book a free 30 minute call with me to find out how we can work together in a one-to-one capacity

Fired Up Business Leader – my brand new 1:1 group programme hybrid to take you from utterly frazzled to totally fired up so you can boss it at work and at home

2 Week Kickstarter – the no-fuss, easy-to-implement 2 week package to help you move from sedentary and beige to sexy and bloody fantastic again

Not quite ready to invest in my services but want to get a taste of what I do? Then join me over in my free group 🙂 Just click the button below to join me and over 700 other mums all working on prioritising our own health so that we can all show up for our business and personal lives with power, passion and energy!

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